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Our Presence

Our network of offices across strategic locations in South Africa have been the cornerstone of our success and maximised our capabilities as a leading supplier, manufacturer and exporter worldwide. Our presence in each of the following regions have notonly helped diversify our business, but have also contributed in enriching our value chain.

Our Addresses

Johannesburg, South Africa

By taking inspiration from the nature’s abundance here we setup Multipurpose Trade (Pty) Ltd. Johannesburg stays as the focal point of our domestic, as well as international sales and marketing endeavours.


It strengthens our presence in the very heart of South Africa. It serves as a pivotal place for our business propagation, helping it flourish evenly throughout.


It is the production hub of mango pulp which is our flagship product along with major fruit processing done for tropical fruits like banana, gauva and papaya at this location. This office also houses some of our most elaborate laboratories, R&D and QA centers.

For International Sales mail us at sales@multipurposetrademarket.com

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